Teacher Position


  • School Vision: Evangelical School will graduate well-rounded students and responsible citizens through a superior school experience based on Christian principals.
  • Contracted by: Evangelical School Board upon recommendation of the Administrator and the personnel committee.
  • Responsible to: Administrator
  • Supervises: aides, volunteers, and students
  • Evaluation: Teacher performance will be evaluated by the administrator
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree or Higher

The teacher shall:

  1. Be a Christian role model in attitude, speech, and actions towards others.
  2. Possess the ability to work gracefully with parents, students, and other staff to develop a unified and successful educational program.
  3. Be willing to eagerly participate in monthly professional development and 1 yearly individual professional development.
  4. Plan, prepare, and deliver lesson plans using the school provided and approved curriculum.
  5. Turn lesson plans in on Gradelink by Monday of each week.
  6. Integrate biblical principles where appropriate and applicable throughout the curriculum and activities building on a biblical worldview foundation in every area.
  7. Teachers are required to be present daily from half an hour before children arrive until half an hour after children depart.
  8. Required to be at all after school programs designated in individual contracts.
  9. Have adequate knowledge of computer technology in order to post grades, communicate with parents, and present lessons using classroom technology devices.
  10. Have good written and verbal communication.
  11. Utilize teaching techniques to achieve curriculum objectives within the framework of the schools philosophy.
  12. Cooperate with administration in implementing all policies, procedures, and directives governing the operation of the school.
  13. Assess the learning of students on a regular basis and maintain regular and accurate attendance and grade records to meet the demands for a comprehensive knowledge of each student’s progress.
  14. Recognize the need for good public relations. Represent the school in a favorable and professional manner to the school’s constituency and the general public.
  15. Attend and participate in scheduled worship service, in-service, committee meetings, faculty, and parent-teacher meetings.
  16. Teacher will maintain a clean and attractive, well-ordered classroom.
  17. Teachers should open with prayer and devotion during homeroom.
  18. Teachers will enforce their grade level discipline cycle and the school’s discipline policies.
  19. Teachers will identify individual student needs and work with colleagues and other learning professionals to offer every opportunity for success to each student.
  20. Teachers will supervise students in different settings as needed, including recess, the cafeteria, and the classroom , in assemblies, and on field trips.
  21. Teachers will grade and return student work promptly.
  22. Each teacher will send out assignments and pertinent information weekly.


  • Illinois Teaching Certification
  • Background Check and Fingerprinting
  • Google Proficient
  • Expertise in subject matter
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