Evangelical Parents Interested in Children

What is EPIC?

  • EPIC is the parent group of Evangelical School.
  • EPIC membership is open to all parents of children currently enrolled in Evangelical School, members of the School Board of Evangelical School, and Pastor of Evangelical United Church of Christ.
  • EPIC’s purpose is to facilitate, encourage and improve communication and interaction among parents, students, and teachers.
  • EPIC also strives to generate financial support for Evangelical School, all to the end of improving the educational quality of Evangelical School and the educational experience of each child attending the school.
Evangelical School

How Do I Join EPIC?

  • Becoming a MEMBER of EPIC is easy… just attend a meeting! EPIC meetings are held each month, on the second Tuesday, at 6pm in the school library.


  • Sept 12
  • Oct. 10
  • Nov. 14
  • Dec. 12
  • Jan. 9
  • Feb. 13
  • March 12
  • April 9
  • May 14

We hope to see you at the next meeting!


What Services Does EPIC Provide?

EPIC members volunteer to ensure the following services are provided to our students, families, teachers and staff.

Family Fellowship

  • Grandparents’ Day
  • YMCA Skate Party
  • School Social
  • Playground Benches

Student Enrichment & Recognition

  • Yearbooks
  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Aunt Katie’s Cottage
  • Mad Science Assembly

Teacher & Staff Appreciation

  • Monthly Teacher Lunches
  • “Secret Pal” Program
  • Teacher Appreciation Week

School Spirit

  • Hoodie Sales
  • Vehicle Decals
How Does EPIC Fundraise?

The following fundraisers are organized by EPIC members and volunteers:

  • Box Tops Collection
  • Cookie Walk
  • Papa John’s
  • TJ’s Pizza
  • Fall Mum Sale
How Can You Help EPIC?
  1. Join EPIC– Attend meetings and learn more about the programs and the organization.
  2. Volunteer to Help with a Project– Even if you can’t commit to monthly meetings, help with a particular project is always welcomed.
  3. Support the Fundraisers– Share with friends and family and help make each fundraiser successful.
  4. Share Ideas– EPIC loves new ideas for both fundraisers and services to provide to our students, families and teachers.
  5. Communicate– Share your new knowledge of EPIC with other Evangelical Families so all can help make our school an even better place for our children!
What Has the Money Raised Help Fund?
  1. In addition to the funds needed to support the annual services listed, EPIC has helped provided funds for the following:
    • New Playground Equipment
    • Computer Lab Tables
    • Cafeteria Chairs
    • Library Bookshelf
    • Security System
    • Classroom Supplies (stipend for each teacher each semester)
    • LCD Projectors
    • Bike Rack
    • Backdrop for Musicals
    • Graduation Caps & Gowns
    • Live Auction Items
    • Cameras
    • Commercial Dishwasher
    • Playground Mulch