Administrative Assistant


  • Employment Term: July 1 – June 30
  • Responsible to: School Administrator/Principal
  • Education: High School/College with coursework in accounting

The administrative assistant:

  1. Is poised, calm, and maintains a positive attitude in school situations
  2. Is helpful, cooperative, and understanding in working with school personnel
  3. Is considerate, tactful, and cooperative in working with parents
  4. Is patient, kind, and considerate in working with children
  5. Is willing to try new situations
  6. Works well and cheerfully in trying circumstances
  7. Has pleasing voice
  8. Shows enthusiasm and support for the school
  9. Accepts assignments in a professional manner
  10. Is prompt and accurate in carrying out school responsibilities
  11. Is consistent in observance of time schedules – arrival at school, etc.
  12. Adheres to school policies and procedures
  13. Accepts and acts upon constructive suggestions
  14. Sees own assignments in relation to school program
  15. Uses discretion and consideration in speaking of others
  16. Understands when information discussed in the office is to remain confidential


  • Uses PowerChurch software  to post all financial data for financial reports
  • Makes all deposits, reconciling to pertinent ledger accounts
  • Writes approved disbursement checks and posts to accounting ledger
  • Maintains class lists with accurate student count for preparation of tuition entry on financial reports
  • Prepares monthly financial statements for the School Board and committees as required
  • Besides the PowerChurch financial statements, Excel is also used for various monthly financial reports
  • Reconciles bank statements to balance sheet
  • Posts tuition & fee entries on Gradelink for parent information/payment purposes
  • Responsible for obtaining monthly tuition direct withdrawal forms from student families and setting up the direct withdrawal transfers with the bank
  • Responsible for contacting families with past due balances and making arrangements for payment
  • Provides a monthly past due balance report to the budget committee
  • Assists the principal and School Board treasurer in preparation of the annual school budget; providing feedback on all line items of the budget
  • Reconciles Gradelink / PaySimple parent payments with bank receipt of payments
  • Responsible for reconciling EPIC teacher funds
  • Responsible for check-out activities at any school fundraiser event
  • Provides tuition tax statements to parents at year-end
  • Responsible to see that the large raffle ticket winners receive tax documentation at year-end
  • Works with secretary to send and update all registration, school start, raffle information
  • Works with the secretary to update and maintain class lists with accurate class count
  • Works with secretary to send year-end report cards with necessary correspondence


  • Proficiency with PowerChurch, Gradelink, Microsoft Excel, and Google applications
  • Must pass a Background Check
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