Principal’s Corner

Principal’s Welcome

Dear Evangelical School Community,

I want to welcome you to another school year! I hope that you had a summer full of fun with quality time spent with family and friends and are now ready to embark on a new school year where your children will take the next step in their educational journey. We want to ensure you that we will be with you every step of the way!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Maria Baalman.  Last year was my fifth year serving as principal here at Evangelical School.  Prior to serving as principal, I taught second grade for ten rewarding years.  This year’s eighth grade class will be the last graduating class of students who I may have taught as second graders.   That is hard for me to believe!

My husband Tony and I live in Jerseyville, and we are blessed to have four children.  Our oldest son is in his final year of medical school at the University of Illinois; our second son graduated this past May from the University of Missouri in Columbia, and our third son is in his fourth year at the University of Missouri in Columbia.  We have a daughter who is a sophomore at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

In addition to the grade-level curriculum, your child will be learning and practicing fifteen self-discipline skills as part of our Discipline with Purpose program.  You will receive a list of these skills to keep at home.  As parents, your support is crucial in helping your child become self-disciplined.  Ask your child how he/she practiced a skill in school or point out times at home when a skill is needed.  Praise your child when you see demonstration of a skill, and try to model the skills your child is learning.  Self-disciplined adults are excellent role models.  Let’s work together to give our children the best we have to give.

In the coming year, we, the teachers and staff, will let our school’s vision/mission statement written in this handbook guide, inform, and inspire our teaching and learning strategies.  We will encourage parent and community involvement in our efforts, and we will work every day to earn your confidence and faith in our school.


Maria Baalman